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Let Us Paint For You!

Let Us Paint For You!

Scott and Sheri Bryan, owners and operators of S&S Painting & Pressure Washing is located in Homer, Georgia and serves Banks County, Jackson County, Franklin, Stephens County, Hall County and surrounding areas. Over 30 years of painting experience in both residential and commercial buildings.  Our #1 goal is to completely satisfy our customers.


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Our Values and Standards that we live up to....

- Customer service is extremely important to us!  We put you first.... 
- We answer the phone and emails and respond promptly
- We do what we say and we show up on time

- Expect your calls to be returned if you leave a message or text.

- We answer your questions honestly and professionally 
- It’s not just about the painting but the service that’s important 
Thank You!  Scott and Sheri Bryan
Our Team
Our Vision  
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Both Sheri and Scott Bryan believe that customer first is always the right way to treat your customers.

Welcome to S&S Painting & Pressure Washing! Our family-owned business has been around for over 25 years and has extensive experience in both retail and commercial painting. We offer superior service and quality craftsmanship for all of your painting needs.

Attention to detail painting the storage house by S&S Painting and Pressure Washing in Hartwell, GA

We've believe that doing preparation work the right way allows the final paint to last longer than most would ever imagine.  We can paint anything, residential or commercial, Including lake docks located on Lake Hartwell, Georgia or the surrounding areas including Hartwell, Lavonia, Elberton.

Paint Buckets with a variety of colors for every occasion.

Choices are one of the exciting parts of painting!  We feature Sherwin Willilams paints so your choices are virtually unlimited.  We can also color match if you have a favorite.  Natural colors that accent the beauty of Lake Hartwell, GA and surrounding areas.

Exterior Cleaning Prep Work

Our Services


Residential Exterior Painting

Our professional quotes are all inclusive. We use Sherwin Williams paint and will provide you with a deck of colors to choose from. If you have a particular brand you would like us to use instead, we will adjust our pricing - up or down depending on the cost difference.  Quality paint and thorough surface preparation on residential houses located on Lake Hartwell, GA.

We use flat for all siding, high gloss for all trim and you can choose from semi-transparent to solid body stain for your deck.  If you would like a sheen on your siding we would recommend satin.

Keep in mind that you want to look at how long paint will last. The exterior premium grade will last longer than a lower grade of paint. As for the super-premium grade paints, it may cost more for the product, but can save you money on the labor with less coats.

Changing colors is absolutely fine, however, when working on the quote, we will need to know this. You may not know exactly what color you want, but it is important for us to know the color scheme so that we can give you proper pricing. Some colors will require two coats of paint to cover the existing and some will only require one coat.

Are you using an existing color? If so, we need to know what that is to match it correctly. Paint will look slightly different on a sample sheet than what is actually painted so it is not conducive to try and figure out what you already have.

Want your shutters done? We can paint them when the house is complete. Patio floor sealed or painted? We can do that too. Deck painted? Your house will look brand new.

We are licensed, insured and ready to give you a free professional estimate on all of your needs.


Residential Interior Painting

Getting ready for the interior of your house to be painted is a daunting task and one that nobody likes. We will protect your belongings and ensure that this process is as easy and smooth as it can be for you. Our professionals will use drop cloths to cover all furniture, we take off all electrical outlet covers and remove anything that could potentially get in our way.

While we all know that color makes a room brighter, happier, cheerful, serious, comfortable or elegant, you will choose from a wide array of colors. If you are changing colors, some walls will require two coats to cover what was already there. 
If you are staying with the same color, we will need the name and brand you used so that we can best match it. When we are giving you the quote, we will discuss with you what types of paint you should use in each room. This will be based on the room location, if you will be washing the walls regularly (kitchen) and the 
sunlight in the room.

We will discuss painting the trim and doors at the same time. While these usually last longer with the paint that is used, once the interior is done, your trim and doors will really show the wear and tear. This is completely based on the length of time and what it looks like. Your salesperson will discuss with you at the time of quoting.

At the end of each day, our crew will pick up all materials and remove them from your home. All trash will be taken with us and your furniture will be moved back and outlet covers replaced. When the job is completed, we will do a formal walk through with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the job.

We are licensed, insured and are happy to provide you with a free professional estimate of your painting needs.  Call us or request a quote


Pressure Washing

All of our exterior painting jobs start with pressure washing.  We use a chemical that is a combination of bleach and cleaner.  It is professionally mixed and we get great results. 


When pressure washing, we start by wetting an area, spray our chemical and let it sit for a while.  Then it is rinsed off completely. 

For driveways and sidewalks we use a professional wheel that hooks up to our pressure washer.  This can make your driveway and sidewalk look like it was just poured.

We are licensed, insured and ready to give you a free estimate on all of your needs including pressure washing of your home or business. 

What Our Customers Say

Bob D

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Scott and Sheri were professional, friendly, always on time and on budget. They are an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them for any indoor and outdoor painting needs. I will use them definitely for future projects.

Service: Interior painting

Jennifer K

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We hired S&S Painting to paint the exterior of our cottage and our dock at the lake. When they came out to consult on the job, they listened to what we wanted and addressed any concerns we had. Once we agreed on a very fair price, the job was scheduled soon thereafter. We were very pleased by their professionalism, attention to detail, and time taken to complete the job. So much so that we hired them again to paint the interior of one of our rental homes. If we ever need a painting job done in the future, we will be using S&S Painting!!

Services: Exterior painting, Interior painting

Robin Z

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Sheri and Scott were a pleasure to work with! They came out to give us a quote and provided a timeline. Everything was smooth from start to finish! They did a wonderful job painting our home. They also do all the work themselves. That’s important. We will definitely call them for future painting needs!

Service: Exterior painting
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