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Good advice from a paint contractor

Sometimes, at S&S Painting and Pressure Washing, we like to discuss some of the key points when looking for a paint vendor. When looking for a contractor there are so many factors to take into consideration but one of the biggest is an itemized contract. No matter what project you are having done, during the walk thru if the estimator isn’t taking notes and asking questions then something can get missed. The company should then provide you with a written estimate that outlines exactly what you can expect for the job. This will protect both parties so everyone knows ahead of time what is being done, what products are being used, what may be excluded and how much it will cost. Having this leaves no surprises, no gray areas and nobody left guessing. We would love to work with you on your next residential or business painting project. Click HERE to request a professional painting quote or call Sheri at 678-725-3774.


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