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Why do people choose blue for their front porch ceiling?

Exterior painting of your home patio by S&S Painting and Pressure Washing

Over the years we have painted hundreds of front porch ceilings and many of them have been blue. It’s always a light blue and never one specific color, just tailored to the customer. We always ask why they want their front porch ceiling blue and it’s more out of curiosity than anything. The reasons we have gotten range from: It’s a Southern thing; It keeps the spirits away; It looks like my front porch is smiling; It looks like the sky when I open the front door; It gives it more character. We always have fun with it no matter the reason and if it makes people, we are doing our job. Both Scott and I are happy to paint your patio ceiling blue if that is the choice you make. Call us at S&S Painting and Pressure Washing, 678-725-3774 to discuss your painting needs. We would love to make your home look like new again! We service the Lake Hartwell, Hart County, Franklin County and Stephens County areas.

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